The Night King killed by Valyrian steel!

Valyrian Blades

But, before we go into the details, we first need to know what is so special about Valyrian steel. First of all, for a weapon to be a true Valyrian steel blade, it needs to be forged in the Valyrian Freehold. Second, the blade needs to be forged by Dragonfire. Third, the process involves imbued magic spells.

Now that we know the three “facts” that makes a blade Valyrian, how about its attributes. According to popular belief, a blade made from Valyrian steel never need to be sharpened, it’s lightweight compared to other steel blades, and holds a distinctive rippled pattern. And of course, it can kill White walkers (Night King). Not sure if kill is the right word to use, but you know what we are getting at.

End of the production

From season one, Valyrian steel has been the talk of the town. And it’s understandable, as there is no true way to forge a new Valyrian blade. Due to the simple fact that Doom of Valyria happened. Basically, the whole peninsula Valyrian Freehold erupted, and lava cracked the land open. Burning so hot even the dragons fell from the sky, and as the smoke cleared the knowledge of how to forge the iconic blades where gone, with its civilization.

Only surviving dragon lords of this cataclysmic event were the Targaryans. Leaving for Dragonstone after Lady Daenys Targaryen, (Daenys the Dreamer) had a compelling prophetic dream showing Valyria go down in flames.


The most mentioned Valyrian steel sword in Game of Thrones is Longclaw. Gifted to Jon Snow by Jeor Mormont, former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Where he refashioned the pommel into a wolf’s head (from a bear) of pale stone with ruby eyes for Jon. Jorah Mormont should originally wield the sword, but as he disgraced the family by selling slaves, Longclaw ended up in Jons’ hands instead.

-Catspaw Dagger-

The first mention of Valyrian steel that caught the viewer’s eyes and ears was the Catspaw Dagger. In fact, it was used in the assassination attempt against Bran Stark A.K.A Three-Eyed Raven. Which at that time was owned by Petyr Baelish, however, Lord Baelish claimed he lost it in a bet against Tyrion Lannister.

And this put Catelyn Stark’s kidnapping Tyrion plan in motion that snowballed into the War of the Five Kings. Seen on Eddard Starks belt in season one until Lord Baelish betrays him, and pulls the dagger from Ned’s belt, pushing it to his throat. The Catspaw Dagger finally finds Arya Stark, after Lord Baelish tries to mend relationships by giving it to Bran Stark. Now, what use does a Three-Eyed Raven have for a dagger, well none, so he gave it to Arya instead.


Before hitting the books at the citadel, Samwell Tarly needed to drop off little Sam and Gilly at his family home, Horn Hill, where his family keeps the Heartsbane sword. Although the blade was not meant for Samwell in the first place. As he was banished to the wall to give favour to Randyl Tarly second born son, Dickon.

Samwell obviously saw the importance of Heartsbane and nicked it before leaving in the cover of darkness with his son and Girlfriend. Now, this proved to be a great decision, as both Randyl and Dickon got to feel the power of Daenerys dragons. And according to sources, the Heartsbane could see some action in season 8 in the hand of Jorah Mormont, after Samwell gives it to him.


Now, this is where some Game of Thrones theorists starting to have a difference of opinions, is Oathkeeper a true Valaryan steel blade? As it is a re-forge from Eddard Stark head cleaner, Ice. Well, anyhow, after King’s Justice, Ilyn Payne make swift work of removing Eddard head with Ice. Tywin Lannister order master armorer Tobho Mott to melt down Ice and make two swords instead.

And one of the two is Oathkeeper, that Tywin gave to Jaime Lannister. Now, Jaime had a different idea about the gift and gave it to Brienne of Tarth if she promised to protect the Stark daughters. After Brienne accepted the gift, she consequently named the sword after her promise, The Oathkeeper.

-Widow’s Wail-

Speculations we had about Oathkeeper can be the same for Widow’s Wail, as this is the smaller sword forged from Ice. The Widow’s Wail was first seen when Tywin gave it as a wedding gift to his grandson King Joffrey. Now, is this blade cursed? Think about it, the first one who got his hands on it gets poisoned. And the second one we know carrying the sword gets his hand chopped off! The question is, will Jaime put too much trust in Widow’s Wail and its magical capabilities, and meet his fate combating the Night King?

Stick them with the pointy end

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