Oreo’s GOT fever! Branded Game of thrones cookies for season 8

Now we’re not sure if this is a prank or not. But apparently, the famous cookie brand Oreo has decided to release a limited-edition of the cookie just on time for April 14th!  Apparently, Oreo believes that all men are going to die for the new “Game of Thrones”-inspired Oreo.

The new Game of Thrones Oreo snacks displays a crest of all the Great Houses who are still fighting for the Iron Throne.  But other than a look change, they’re the same great cookies you’ve learned to love and cannot live without.

An Oreo representative recently said that.

 “At Oreo, we are always looking for new ways to playfully tap into emerging trends and pop culture,” Oreo brand manager Kamila De Maria said in an e-mail. “‘Game of Thrones’ is one of the most talked about TV shows of a generation, so partnering with HBO was a great way to bring something unexpected to our classic cookie as a tribute to the show’s legacy.”

But Oreo is not the only brand to piggyback on the series success and the hype around season 8. In fact,   Mountain Dew recently launched “A Can Have No Name” campaign, the Bud Light medieval-meets-fantasy Super Bowl commercial and the AT&T Iron Thrown giveaway contest.

Now to say that Game of Thrones is more than a TV show would be an understatement. It’s a social phenomenon that everyone follows!  For now, we’re unsure if the branded Game of Thrones cookies will make it to Europe, but we sure hope so. Because a glass of milk and an Oreo is an excellent complement to the show.