Death at the doorstep in Winterfell

All happens at once

Its been 7 seasons of questions and teasers. However, in episode 2 of season 8, it felt that we got many questions answered alongside full reveals. But at the same time, after the episode rolled its end credits, more question then answers were brought to the surface. And once again we stood there with the same look on our face, and you asked yourself the same sort of questions, what the hell, but what if, what is he/she going to do now…..

So the main question is, how are they going to manage to tie everything up at the end of this season. Or are we going to be left with a massive cliffhanger we never going to get an answer to? 

Clearer after episode 3

Now, some of the questions could have a clear cut answer after episode 3 is over. As prediction tells us, many will face reality and take a dirt nap after clashing with the army of the dead. But still, what if none of the characters dies in the battle, will we have questions such as, What happens to the North, Tyrion misguidance, Jamie’s beef with Daenerys, Jons claim to the throne, Brienne’s knighthood, and many more answered after episode 3 is over?  

Finish him of

Although the remaining episodes are set to be about 1 hour and 20 minutes, will it be enough time to make everything clear? What could help out, is if episode three make quick business of the White Walkers and after the dust has settled after the Epic battle.

The Army of the dead is no more; Nigh King is dead alongside key characters such as Jamie and Daenerys. There is still a heap of questions left if that would be the case. As the red thread in the storyline needs to be answered, who will rule Westeros, in the remaining three episodes!

Remaining episodes

Episode 3 – 1h 22min airs 28 April.
Episode 4 – 1h 18min airs 5 May.
Episode 5 – 1h 20min airs 12 May.
Episode 6 – 1h 20min airs 19 May.

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