What is Arya’s new Dragonglass weapon

Old Macedonian tech in Game of Thrones

After the first episode of the last season of Game of Thrones aired, the question many viewers had was: what is this new weapon design Arya asked Gendry to make? We are sure you did not miss that scene, but just in case, here is the context of the weapon we are talking about.

Arya walks into blacksmith Gendry’s workshop handing him a piece of parchment showing a drawing of a two-piece weapon. The tip made of Dragonglass resembles a spear or arrowhead that fits into a shaft or holder of a sort.  

“What do you need something like this for” – Gendry

Connecting the dots

In a recent interview with Game of Thrones weapons designer, Tommy Dunne announced that he actually made a “showstopper” for season 8. Where he also said the design was reverse-engineered. And that it would have the capability to serve a dual purpose. 

History of warfare

After Betonshow.com did some digging in weapon history and dissecting the interview. We found something that could be the inspiration or the actual weapon.

Introducing the cestrosphendon sling dart

We know it’s a mouthful; however, its name fits perfectly into Game of Thrones. So what is a cestrosphendon sling dart and where does it come from?

As far as we could find out, the use of the weapon had a very short lifespan in the Macedonian war against Sulla’s invading legions, which was actually retold by the great Roman historian, Titus Livius.

“They Romans suffered mainly from the cestrosphendons, a novel kind of weapon invented during the war. It consisted of a pointed iron head of two palms long, fastened to a shaft made of pinewood, a span in length and as thick as a man´s finger. Round the shaft, three feathers fastened as in the case of arrows, the slinger whirled it round with great force, and it flew out like a leaden bullet.” – Titus Livius

Size matters

Since the drawing Arya hands over to Gendry, don’t show any measurements it’s hard to say what the length and size of the weapon will be. However, should we have a look at the mentioned measurements mentioned by Titus Livius. One palms long according to ancient Rome measurement is 7.4 cm (2.9 in). Which would translate the Dragonlass tip into 14.5 cm (5.8 in) long! Another value we have is the shaft, that is a “Span” in length. Once again, comparing this to ancient Rome records reveals a span in 22.2 cm (9 in). That would put a total length of 36.7 cm (9 in). But as we don’t have any figures to go on, the final version of Arya’s new design could, of course, end up being shorter or longer.

The use

We all kind of assuming the Arya is going to use this for herself. But, what if Arya is planning to deploy this weapon across the great army?! Anyhow, with Dragonglass equipped on the tip, we know it’s going to see some White Walker action, potentially already in episode 3, when the Epic battle is supposed to go down.  

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