The Starks getting married

Game of complex nature

First, of, the relationships in Game of Thrones is of the complex nature, which raises many questions. At the end, who can blame them, it’s not like they been told the truth from the beginning. It’s only after the facts are presented as they starting to question their decision. However, it’s highly likely that before season 8 is over we going to see at least one official wedding take place, and possibly many more love affairs flourish. But will it be a Stark wedding?

Sansa getting married to one of her Brothers

Never have we seen such an emotional reunion as we did when Theon Greyjoy confest his alliance to Lady Sansa after entering Winterfell. 

I want to fight for Winterfell, Lady Sansa. If you’ll have me

-Theon Greyjoy-

Taking Sansas and Theon’s journey thru hell and high water together, it’s understandable that they are emotionally invested in each other. Think about it, Theon’s action and the decision has always been in the best interest of Sansa. And this kindness is not something Sansa is used to, when the subject of men come up, maybe Tyrion is the only exception.

Although Theon might be like a brother to Sansa, there are no blood relations between them. Same arguments could actually be valid about Jon Snow (Aegon Targaryen) However, should Jon and Sansa end up marrying each other it would be more of a power decision then out of love

What will happen to the north

-Sansa Stark-

Arya laying down arms for Gendry

Well, this is at least what she did in the last episode, The Things We Do For Love.

So the question is, will Arya drop her service to the Many-Faced God, like a bad habit if she and Gendry are still alive after episode 3. And revert from her training and the “girl has no name” becomes Arya Baratheon as season 8 finishes up. I mean, Gendry is not just your ordinary bastard blacksmith. After all, he is the son of King Robert Baratheon. But what’s more important, they also formed a deeper relationship through there travels together.

We’re probably going to die soon, I what to know what it’s like before that happens
-Arya Stark-

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