The most played song summer 2019!

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BLACKPINK is 2019 summer torment

Whatever your personal feelings are about BLACKPINK and K-pop, there is no two ways about it. The hit song “Kill This Love” M/V will be on repeat at every house party and nightclub as the summer fast approaches. At this moment, April 17th “Kill This Love” M/V has close to 210 million views and 6.5 million likes on Youtube.

With that said, 2019 and BLACKPINK are definitely going to pick up where 2015 and Gangnam Style left the South Korean K-pop phenomena.

K-pop is the new black

Listen, if someone would have mentioned K-pop to you five years ago, you would most probably say “K-what.” However, after PSY’s Gangnam Style took the world by storm, all of a sudden everyone had a new favorite dance move. And tune to sing along to, well at least try to sing along to, face it, the only English words in Gangnam Style is sexy, lady, style, baby, and You know what I’m saying. But I am sure that you had your own interpretation lyrics when PSY’s sang

Ttwineun nom geu wie naneun nom, Baby, baby, Naneun mwol jom aneun nom. – Gangnam Style

Anyhow, the new K-pop song to “sing” along to this summer is “Kill This Love.” No matter if you like it or hate it, after the summer is over you will most definitely had enough of K-pop for a while. 

Record-breaking BLACKPINK

So, how do you rank your K-pop skills and ability to predict a winner? Never heard about BLACKPINK, well take listen below. After you have done that, you can furthermore benefit on your prediction skill by placing a bet at Unibet on BLACKPINK and the hit climber “Kill This Love” in the following categories.

To reach 500 million views on Youtube.

To have more views on Youtube than Despacito.

To have more views on Youtube than Gangnam Style.

Still, a long way to go

Although “Kill This Love” has proven to be a hit. It still has a long way to beat the current champions of most viewed on YouTube.

First place is Luis Fonsi Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee’s 6,133,655,311 views. Yes, that is 6.1 billion views.

The second place is currently Ed Sheeran’s Shape of you (4.07 Billion).

Wiz Khalifa holds the third position with his See You Again Ft. Charlie Puth (4.01 Billion)

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