White Walkers in King’s Landing

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Determined to kill mankind

The White Walkers, what are they and why are they so determined to kill all of mankind?! Well, the accuracy of this speculation and backstory might have super fans yelling out, “hell no.” However, this is Betonshows.com interpretation.

Don’t let their baby blue fool you

The agreement was made in-between the humans and the Children of the Forest. To sum up, after the “War for the Dawn” to end the “Long Night.” The war was all about pushing the White Walkers as far north they could. Then they erected the wall and put a magic spell on it to protect men from what lies beyond which prevented the walkers from venturing into the south part. So, who set the walkers in motion? Well, the beliefs are that the three dragon eggs gifted to Daenerys Targaryen’s by Magister, Illyrio Mopatis at the wedding to Khal Drogo had something to do with it.

As a matter of fact, the White Walkers only started to walk in the direction of the wall after the fossilised dragon eggs hatched. And around the same time, The Night King saw a red comet streak across the sky, which he interpreted that fire magic had returned to Westeros, which meant that there finally was a weapon strong enough to bring the wall down. As the story goes, while the wall stands, the dead cannot pass. But what if there is no wall?  

I used to be a man like you, but then I took Dragonglass to the heart

To make a long story short, The Night King is the O.G White Walker. After mankind invaded Westeros and started to cut down sacred trees and slaying the Children of the Forest. The Children of the Forest had enough and captured one of them, tied him to a tree and finished him off by pressing a piece of Dragonglass into his heart. Which also turned his eye blue, and presto the first White Walker was born. The walker was then used to fight off mankind from the forest. However, this devious plot by The Children of the Forest took a turn for the worse. When the walker changed direction and started to attack their creators, which kicked off the Long Night.

So, the question is, who is responsible for the march of the army of the dead. Is it Magister, Illyrio Mopatis fault for giving the eggs to Daenerys. Or is Daenerys to blame for “giving birth” to the dragons. Or, is mankind the origin of this shit storm? In the end, they forced the hand of the Children of the Forest to conjure the White Walker in the first place.    

Will the White Walkers Reach King’s Landing

Season 8 of Game of Thrones is about to hit the screen, and you should brace yourself as this season going to blow your socks off. Well, that’s what everyone thinks at least. And if LeoVegas is right, we are in for some epic battles! Now, LeoVegas do have a good selection of odds on Game of Thrones. However, some of the most rewarding ones in entertaining value have direct ties to the White Walkers! How about, The White Walkers to reach King’s Landing or The Iron Throne to be destroyed. And this particular combination could prove to be a good one. I mean, if the walkers reach Kings Landing they will fuck up more shit than just the Iron Throne.

The third option directly connected is, All of Daenerys dragons to die (including Viserion) Which we know the Night King is capable of doing, it only took one spear throw to bring the fire breathing beast Viserion down. But think before you place your bets, as “being turned into a White Walker dragon will be considered to be still alive when settling this bet.”

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