Will women outcook men in MasterChef Australia?

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MasterChef Australia is back

There are many adaptations to the MasterChef concept. In fact, there is currently four different versions of the show running. MasterChef, MasterChef: The Professionals, Celebrity MasterChef, and Junior MasterChef. Which is broadcasted in over 60 countries, either as their own version or dubbed. However, none of them has proven to be as successful as MasterChef Australia. Even the mighty chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay showed his face in season 10 of MasterChef Australia. Maybe he needed some pointers for his American version? Well who knows, what we do know is that 1.74 million Australians tuned in to watch season 10 winner Sashi Cheliah cook his winning menu. Beating runner up Ben Borsht with 16 points, with 93 out of 100 against Ben’s 77 out of 100.

Cook your money where your mouth is

So, if you are a big fan of the show, you now have the opportunity to place a bet on the winner of MasterChef Australia 2019. Well, more precise on the gender of the winner. So, should we have a look a previous winner and their gender? In all ten seasons there have been six women and therefore only four men that crowned the winner.  So if you are a statistics person, you know what to do. To refresh your memory, here is the winner in order of the season. Julie Goodwin, Adam Liaw, Kate Bracks, Andy Allen, Emma Dean, Brent Owens, Billie McKay, Elena Duggan, Diana Chan, and Sashi Cheliah.   

A 50/50 chance

Statistic might be an indicator in what direction it should go, or who is the favorite, or the complete opposite. In any case, Unibet believe in gender neutrality and believes no gender stand a greater chance to raise the silver plaque and be crowned the winner of MasterChef Australia 2019. What is your thought? Now, should Australian TV show bets be your thing? Then you are in luck as Unibet currently also have odds on the winner of Dancing with The Stars Australia 2019, Australian Survivor 2019, Australian Ninja Warrior 2019.

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