Tyrion will Betray Daenerys – Leaked!

The hype around season 8 of Game of Thrones is real. In fact, many people and now looking at the previous series to see what happened that they may have missed. And it’s precisely what we did on betonshows.com in order to give you the best tips if you wanted to bet on the seasons outcome!

One interesting theory currently circulating on social media is that Tyrion will betray Daenerys. And it’s quite obvious how it could happen if you look at previous seasons.

Plus we all know that the books say that she’ll be betray once for love, once of gold and once for blood…

Top 3 signs that Tyrion will betray Daenerys!

1-    Plus, last year the special effect team mentioned that Tyrion would die at the Creative Arts Emmys award ceremony. Now, this could have been done to throw fans off. But maybe it was a tongue slip too! After all, Tyrion is loyal to his brother and somehow in a twisted way he still cares for his family! And we all know that Jamie will go up north to fight the dead in company with Jon Snow and Daenerys.  And this sets the scene perfectly well for Tyrion to betray Daenerys, who he’s madly in love with, and his loved cause him to be overprotective and for the pair to not always see eye to eye.

2-    The Olenna Tyrell warned Daenerys. Nothing happens for no reason in Game of Thrones, and we’ll all remember that Olenna Tyrell clearly told Daenerys to “be a dragon and be aware of clever man”. Then if you remember Daenerys immediately followed this advice and went up north to rescue Jon Snow.

3-    Back in season 7 and episode 7 Jorah Mormont once said to Tyrion that one man with one lucky arrow could kill Daenerys and that this would end everything. But this actually makes us think that it could be Aria that he’s referring too. After all, Aria Stark is known since season 1 to be quite an archer!

As we know, next seasons episode will be 1h20 minutes so there plenty of time for people to lose their heads and for serious Betray to happen! At the moment no bookies are currently offering odds on that. But we’ve requested new odds to our Friends at Unibet. And if we’re lucky we’ll be able to put our money where our mouth is!