Avengers: Endgame on its way for two records

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Six stones, one snap

First of all, we all dying to see what comes after the infamous SNAP, in Avengers: Infinity Wars. Which left moviegoers baffled and speechless, with a sense of emptiness. Now, this move made by Marvel talks in their favour to beat the record for the highest opening weekend in US and Canada. I mean, people will simply go watch Avengers: Endgame to get answers. And what’s more, according to Endgames directors Anthony and Joe Russo, the movie sits around the 180-minute mark. Which means it has the possibility to break the record as the longest Marvel movie ever shown in the cinema. That Infinity Wars currently holds, with its 160 minutes.

$257,698,183 is the number to beat

Although researchers and so-called experts predict that Endgame will beat the current record holder, Infinity Wars. And see a ballpark figure of $280 Million on its opening week. The question is, if Endgame ends up being 180 minutes in its final cinema cut, will this remove some of the audience? For the simple reason that some people actually think 3 hours is too long and will pick another movie to go to? I know I would rather wait for the director’s cut to be released. Adding to this, it could also limit the number of times the movie could be shown, in comparison to Infinity Wars. Well, I guess we have to wait and see until the end of April to get the question marks straightened.

The one to beat

Avengers: Endgame will most definitely be the biggest money earner in that period. If we have a look at the potential competition, we have movies like Hell boy, Play Mobil: The Movie, and an updated version of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. Then there is a whole bunch of other horrors, comedy, thriller, drama, and documentary movies. And would be really surprised if any of them came even close to Endgames revenues on opening week. In fact, they will not. So all you have to do really, is to take a qualified guess “Are Avengers: Endgame going to make more money on its opening week then Infinity Wars did?”
Unibet thinks it will, and are currently quite sure of it, where they have YES at 1/40 (Fractional) 1.03 (Decimal) and 9/1 (Fractional) 10.00 (Decimal) on NO.

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