The Hound VS The Mountain

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Cleganebowl in Season 8

Many Game of Thrones theorists believes that season 8 will see an epic battle to death in-between the two brothers Sandor and Gregor Clegane. Known more widely as The Hound (Sandor), and The Mountain (Gregor) and the battle referred to as “Cleganebowl.” Now, that Sandor has animosity against his brother is fully understandable, after suffering his whole “childhood” being pushed around and abused by his older brother Gregor. That finally reached its peak when Gregor shoved Sandor’s face into a fire scarring him for life, both by a physical and metal mark. Leaving Sandor slightly twitchy around fires. All due to that Sandor played with one of Gregor’s toy. Safe to say it was Gregor’s favourite one!

Expect the unexpected

It goes without saying, Game of Thrones takes you on a wild ride on every episode. And you can never be sure what to expect. But, you always fall into the same trap, every time you watch an episode. “Naa, he/she is not going to die, to important for the storyline.” Game of Thrones producers says, hold my beer; while I erasing this character from the script. So, guessing, since that Season 8 is officially the last one we going to gasp, outburst in profanity, and acronyms like WTF, OMG, WTH.

What’s your theory?

So, do you think that the “Cleganebowl” will go down in season 8? Well, if you believe you have Game of Thrones all figured out? Then you have a couple of odds to bet on when it comes to the two Clegane brothers.

Unibet: you can place a bet on who of the brother that will die first. Where they think that Gregor Clegane, The Mountain will, at odds 1/7 (Fractional) 1.15 (Decimal). And believe that Sandor Clegane, The Hound stand a better chance to avoid meeting his maker. With odds 9/2 (Fractional) 5.50 (Decimal). However, should you think both brothers are alive after season 8 they have that option too, 20/1 (Fractional) 21.00 (Decimal).

LeoVegas: You can get some action on who will survive until the end of season 8. Where they currently give you The Mountain at 10/1 (Fractional) 11.00 on YES, and 1/100 (Fractional) 1.01 (Decimal) on NO. Followed by The Hound with 5/2 (Fractional) 3.50 (Decimal) on YES, And 1/4 (Fractional) 1.25 (Decimal) on NO.

The second bet LeoVegas have on the beastly brothers are if one of them will kill the Night King. Where they think that both of them stand an equal chance of winning if they to go toe to toe with the Night King. With odds 25/1 (Fractional) 26.00 (Decimal). For a complete list of available Game of Throne odds, visit Unibet, LeoVegas, Rizk under the TV & Novelty/Special.

Please note, all odds and markets may be subject to change.