Who will be the Next James Bond After Daniel Craig?

Time left to place your bets

Still, one move to go!

Although existing actor Daniel Craig has not left the role, things are a bit shaky over at Eon Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and Universal Pictures after the director Danny Boyle decided to departure. And according to sources, it all roots in “creative differences.” This is where things really started to heat up, and the upcoming Bond movie was pushed on the back burner for it’s scheduled November 2019 relese. The new date was set on February 14, 2020, alongside the announcement of the new director, Cary Joji Fukunaga. But just when we thought things would get rolling, another announcement where maid that we will not be seeing the globe-trotting secret agent James Bond on the silver screen until April 8, 2020.

“I think this is it. I just want to go out on a high note”

No more Bond for Craig

According to Mr. Craig himself, this will be the last Bond movie he will take on as the main character. And we can with most certainty say that there will be a new actor playing James Bond after “Shatterhand” that is the working title for the upcoming Bond movie is released. So, who do you think will continue the fight against terrorist and global destruction, run by old school villains? Well according to Unibet Tom Hiddleston and Richard Madden stand a pretty decent chance. But what’s more, the list Unibet compiled is quite extensive, and you can find names like Russell Crowe and David Beckham on it. At the moment Unibet gives you Beckham at 250/1 (Fractional) 251.00 (Decimal) At the time we published this post, betting 10 $/€/£ on the former footballer would give you 2510 $/€/£!

“Daniel is worth every penny given that Spectre made over 800 Million and Skyfall over 1 Billion.”

Money in Bonds pocket

Whoever takes on the job as the secret agent after Daniel Craig will surely be on a gravy train for a while. As recently reported Daniel Craig would receive a hefty £50,€58,$66 Million for his last outing as James Bond in the next 007movie. So, do you think you know who will take over, well why not place your bet today! And do you feel that predicting main characters is your thing, then you can also put your knowledge to the test in who will be the next Batman

A little bet could go a long way…