Season 9 of the Walking Dead is ending – what will happen in season 10 of the Walking Dead?

Time left to place your bets

If there’s a show that’s excellent to keep us on our toes, it’s the Walking Dead. Indeed, a bit like Game of Thrones, we’re never sure when one of our favorite characters will eat dandelions by the roots.

Previously on AMC the Walking Dead!

Well… Rick apparently Died!  Or did he?  That’s what everyone at Alexandria seems to think. But the truth is that his departure from the show was strange, right?

We’ve all seen him take off in a helicopter with Anne who marked him as a B. 

Now we’re still unsure what the A and B thing is about. But one thing is sure Rick is definitely not dead… Well unless he died in the A and be Community, that is.

Many avid fans of the Walking Dead seem to think that the actor could re-appear in the movie that is rumoured to be shot at the moment. Other people believe that Rick could make a comeback in season 10.  So much so that the bookies, like Unibet are ready to offer you great odds on his return.  But who knows what state he’ll be in.

Walking Dead or Walking alive?

Currently there 2 bets you can place on The Walking Dead…

The first one is will Rick make an appearance in season 10? As we’re a big fan of the shows on, our guess would be YES YES YES he will! It’s almost a safe bet, to be frank!

The second bet you can place on The Walking Dead is, will Rick Grimes make an appearance as a walker in Season 10… If we had to bet on that, we’d say, HELL NO!!! He’s too much of a badass to turn, right?

If you have a theory about The Walking Dead, well make sure to place your bets before the show airs. Currently, the bookies, well especially Unibet are giving fans of the show great odds for the correct prediction!

A little bet could go a long way…

So, if you’ve been telling your theory about the Walking dead to everyone at the office. Now is time to put your money where your mouth is. And if you’re correct, you’ll get the ultimate bragging rights! Bookies accept bets from as little as 1 $/€/£… But the minimum deposit for Novelty bets is 10 $/€/£… so you can put a fiver on both bets and could make cash when season 10 of The Walking Dead starts!

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